The Oysta Watch

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Makes a call to our call centre and allows you to speak to our operators 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The watch has an SOS button and GPS tracking.

How Does It Help?

Anyone who is distressed, concerned or needs a chat can call us and we will respond appropriately. We will call the emergency services, a doctor, a falls response service, carer, friends or family when necessary on your behalf.

Who Does It Help?

Anyone who feels isolated or vulnerable.

People with learning difficulties who would benefit from the additional safety net while they gain confidence in their independence.

Those who want to remain independent and reassured whilst they are out and about.

Those who may struggle with remembering to carry out daily activities.

What does it do?
An easy-to-use button for when in distress or simply needing peace of mind.
The Oysta Watch connects to our Monitoring & Response Centre and makes a hands-free, two-way voice call.

Location Identification
We take an email address at the point of the installation and log in instructions are sent to enable location identification.
Also our Monitoring & Response Centre have access to this 24/7 if needed

How do I use it?
In an emergency situation an SOS can be made from your Oysta Watch. Press the RED button a call will be automatically made to our 24/7
Monitoring & Response Centre

Key Purchase Information

Supply Basis
The Oysta watch is a one off purchase with ongoing weekly charge for Monitoring & Response services.

Ongoing Rental Payments
After the initial subscription period, ongoing monthly payments will be taken by direct debit.

Minimum Contract Period
There is no minimum contract period.

What Happens After The Order Is Placed?
One of our team will contact you within 2 working days of your order being placed to confirm the details, obtain additional information to allow us to set up the service and arrange for delivery/installation (where offered). If you haven't heard from us within 2 working days you can call us on 0345 130 1469 during normal office hours.