Terms and Conditions

    • Community Housing TECS is a wholly owned subsidiary of  Community Housing and trades as Throughout this document 
  • Rented equipment as described in the Key Purchase Information section of each product’s description.

    • The contract will commence from the date the contract is signed and will continue until termination has been requested, the CH TECS equipment has been returned, and the return has been registered to the company premises.
  • In consideration of Community Housing TECS (CHTECS) supplying/installing and maintaining the equipment, it shall remain the property of CHTECS and shall not be removed from the premises by any person without the consent of CHTECS. If during the period of use the client moves to other premises within CHTECS area of activity CHTECS will at the request of the client consider re-installing the unit at such other premises. All reasonable costs of such re-installations will be borne by the client.
  • The client shall take all reasonable care of the equipment; in particular, the client will not attempt to alter or to attach any other equipment or accessory to this equipment and will not damage the equipment in any way.
  • The client shall not permit anyone else to attempt to alter or attach any other equipment or accessory to the equipment, nor permit damage to be made to it.
  • The equipment shall be used in accordance with the instructions given by CHTECS at the time of installation and the client will inform CHTECS promptly if the equipment becomes damaged, broken, fails to work, is stolen, or the pendant is lost.
  • Purchased equipment as described in the Key Purchase Information section of each product’s description

    • Equipment listed in the description as purchased will become the property of the client once full payment for supply and installation has been received by CHTECS.
    • Purchased equipment will be covered by manufacturer guarantees and CHTECS will assist the client in the event of a fault arising with purchased equipment but will not have any liability for repair or replacement of faulty purchased equipment.
    • Where purchased equipment is supplied with a maintenance charge, the client will inform CHTECS promptly if the equipment becomes damaged, broken, fails to work, is stolen, or the pendant is lost.

    • The price of any equipment supplied on a rental basis including the monitoring and maintenance service linked to that equipment will be calculated on a weekly basis.
    • CHTECS may at any time vary the amount of the weekly charge by giving not less than one month’s notice in writing to the client. In the event of termination of this contract, by either party, CHTECS at its discretion will refund charges paid in advance by the client less any outstanding charges against the account.
    • The weekly charge is payable annually, quarterly or monthly in advance unless otherwise agreed.
  • An annual invoice will be sent to the client for the weekly charges and the following options are available for payment:
    • Direct Debit – Regular payments can be made from your bank account
    • Debit Card – By telephoning our Finance Department on 01562 733007
    • Electronic Home Banking
    • Payment Card via AllPay
  • The first payment taken by card through this online shop will include the following:
    • Installation charge where applicable and explicitly selected or a delivery and set-up charge where equipment is being supplied for self-installation
    • Full cost of any equipment being supplied on a purchase basis
    • Initial regular charges such as monitoring or service subscriptions.
  • Ongoing charges will be reviewed annually and you will be notified in advance of any changes.

    • In order to provide an efficient and effective service to the client CHTECS will need to gather and store personal information. Full details of the data we collect and why can be found in our privacy statement.
    • Where the client has a Do Not Resuscitate plan in place, the client must inform CHTECS about the location of the plan at the property and if any changes are made to the DNR plan that may hinder or prohibit the client’s wishes to be carried out. CHTECS holds no liability for any actions carried out by third party responders.


    CHTECS will provide the following services:
  • Installation of the assistive technology equipment where applicable or delivery of equipment where required for customer self-install
  • A 24 hour monitoring and response service, 365 days a year by trained operators who will reassure clients and contact the emergency services, doctor, home care or one of the client’s named contacts or key holders in the event of a medical or personal emergency. Support for non-emergency situations and no-response calls.
  • CHTECS will ensure that all calls made to the Monitoring and Response Centre are voice recorded 24 hours a day. amica24 will retain all call records including a voice recording for a minimum period of one year.
  • Neither CH TECS nor any of its employees shall be responsible for any liability or any loss of, or damage to, property, death or personal injury arising out of:

    • any failure of any third party to respond appropriately when called out by the Monitoring and Response Centre.
    • any failure to contact any emergency services, doctor or other named contact due to any reason beyond the control of CHTECS
    • any damage to the client’s property or its contents by CHTECS or any third party contacted by the Monitoring & Response Centre in seeking to gain access to provide assistance following receipt of an alarm call. This includes any cost incurred to board up your property if the Police have to break in. This will be the responsibility of the client.
    • any breakdown in the monitoring service from any causes beyond CHTECS control. CHTECS shall not be liable for any breakdown in the monitoring service caused by or as a result of any defect in or the failure of telephony equipment, or emergency alarm equipment, by strikes, lockouts or other industrial disputes. In the event of a forced evacuation or other major problem at the Monitoring & Response Centre, continuity of service will be maintained where possible through the Disaster Recovery Plan.
    • any inaccuracy or omission in the information provided by the client under Clause 4.
  • CHTECS will be responsible for all repairs and maintenance to equipment subject to either a rental or maintenance agreement occasioned by fair wear and tear. CHTECS shall, upon receiving a report of a critical fault resulting in loss of the service, aim to respond within 24 hours or at the time of an agreed appointment. Repair or replacement of other equipment shall be undertaken as soon as practicable during business hours, subject to the availability of replacement equipment.
  • In the event of there being no response to a planned maintenance or installation visit a CHTECS calling card will be left at the property asking the client or their representative to contact the Sales & Business Support Team at CHTECS.



    • It is very important to inform CHTECS of any changes in the client’s personal details as out of date information may cause delays in CHTECS ability to deal effectively with the client’s call.

Please inform CH TECS about any changes to, or information regarding the following:

  • client’s medical condition
  • client’s Doctor
  • client’s telephone number
  • contact names, addresses and telephone numbers
  • details of planned periods of absence from home including holidays or admissions to hospital involving overnight stays
  • details of client’s return home from hospital or a holiday
  • if applicable, the location of the secure key safe and the key safe code must be passed to the Monitoring & Response Centre to facilitate access by Emergency Services if required.
  • maintaining the arrangement to allow for key holder access
  • ensuring regular monthly testing of the personal pendant and other installed equipment
  • Informing CHTECS as soon as possible if the client’s telephone line does not work


  • The client shall allow CHTECS authorised Officers reasonable access to inspect the unit for the purposes of maintenance, repairs or recovery of the installed equipment
  • The client is responsible for the installation of a suitable telephone socket, payment of telephone rental charges and provision of a 13-amp power point to enable connection of the telecare alarm unit.
  • The client shall inform CHTECS immediately if there is any change in the supplier of the telephone landline that the alarm equipment is connected to.

    • The client, or their representative, may end the contract by giving seven days’ notice in writing or by telephone to CHTECS and returning the telecare alarm equipment to CH TECS. A notification letter will be issued for any outstanding rental and monitoring charges at the current rate once the equipment has been returned to CHTECS.
    • CHTECS may end the contract at any time by giving one months’ notice.
    • Where notices are given in writing by either CHTECS or by the client they should be served either personally or by post to the client’s last known address or to amica24 Limited, respectively.
    • CHTECS may end the contract for the supply of the unit immediately if the client is in contravention of Clauses 2.1.3 or 2.1.4 or 2.1.5, or if the client moves to premises outside CHTECS local area, or if sums of money remain owing to amica24 for the unit, twenty eight days after they have become due.
    • At the end of the contract (however occasioned), it shall be the client’s responsibility to return the equipment and all peripherals to CHTECS or its agents. All outstanding monies must be paid on receipt of the final notification. The client shall reimburse amica24 for any loss arising from the failure to return any equipment provided following termination.

    • The client has a 21 day period from the date the contract is signed in which they can change their mind and have the equipment removed or return it. Any installation or set-up charge is non-refundable. CHTECS must be contacted to arrange collection of the equipment. If the equipment is retained after the 21st day normal monitoring and rental charges will apply.

    • CHTECS reserves the right to sub-contract delivery of the services to a third party as required facilitating continuity of service.

    • The client shall request, in writing, to CHTECS any variations to the services provided that may be required to meet the needs of the client.
    • CHTECS shall notify the client in writing of any variation to the services provided giving full details of any changes that may affect the client.

    • CHTECS want you to be delighted with the service you receive from us and your opinions are very important. We are continually looking at ways to improve our service and we welcome all comments, feedback and suggestions. To make sure that we deal with any complaints in a prompt and appropriate manner, we have a formal feedback process which provides information about how we will investigate your complaint, who will be dealing with it and when you can expect a reply. If at any time you would like a copy of our Complaints Procedure or a Comments, Compliments and Complaints form, please ring 0345 130 1469.

Any notice or correspondence to be served on CHTECS should be sent to:

Community Housing
3 Foley Grove
Foley Business Park
DY11 7PT


Telephone contact details are: 

Business Support Team: 0345 130 1469   (Monday – Friday 8:30am - 5pm)
Monitoring and Response Centre: 0845 056 8035 (24 hours - voice recorded)


Website: www.communityhousingtecs.co.uk