Privacy Statement

Community Housing TECS (CHTECS) is committed to the highest levels of data privacy.  This online shop is a part of the overall service that we offer. As such, all personal data collected whilst a customer navigates the site and purchases products and services is used purely to ensure that those products and services can be supplied accurately and safely.

Our online shop offers the chance for customers to receive a regular newsletter from CHTECS detailing the latest news about our products and services.  Information gathered is used purely for that purpose and is not passed on to 3rd party organisations.  Customers can unsubscribe at any time.

In addition to the personal data gathered to enable an order to be fulfilled, many of our services will require additional personal information about the person using the product or service.  This information will be captured in two ways.  Either by phone from one of our team members in advance of an installation or delivery of a product our service or by one of our installation team if they are carrying out a physical installation at the customer’s home.

The following table details what kind of personal data we gather and why.

Section 1. Information we may gather to set up a product or service

Reason Why

Your Name

So we can pass your details on to emergency services and call you by the name you wish to be called by

Your Address

So we know where to send help. So we can help you to access local support and services

Your date of birth

For emergency services to identify you

Home or mobile telephone number

So we can contact you to ensure you are happy with our service or to wish you a happy birthday

Details of who to contact in an emergency

So we can get help to you quickly

Details of your next of kin

So we can inform them of any incidents where they need to be notified, with prior consent

Details of your Doctor

So we can call for medical help when you're feeling unwell

Key safe code

So we can get the emergency services in to your property quickly without damaging it

Medical details

So we can help you better over the phone and pass this information onto the emergency services to help them understand your needs

NHS Number

So we can pass this on to the ambulance service to assist them in accessing your medical details

Physical description of you

If you have become lost we can pass your description to the emergency services to help them find you quickly

Account holder and payment details

So we can collect payment promptly and ensure arrears does not accrue

Section 2. Information we may gather after installation/delivery

Reason why

Call details

This helps the operator to see what has happened and identify if you need help, or signpost other services to you if you are happy for us to do so

Notes on calls

This helps the continuity between contacts, emergency services and our monitoring centre team

Details of your life

This information can be volunteered by you, so we can get to know you better

Details of holidays or absence from the home

This is so we don’t try to contact you when you're not there, but we will still treat all calls from the equipment appropriately

Any change of any details in section 1

This is so we have relevant and accurate information  in order to deliver our service commitment to you

How you feel about our service

This is so we listen to our customers to improve things that could be better and celebrate the things we do well

 CHTECS complies fully with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations and customers have the right to request details of all personal data held about them as well as the right to request personal data to be permanently erased.  This applies to this online shop as well as all other systems and databases that amica24 uses to provide services to customers.

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