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Supra C500 Pro KeySafe

Supra C500 Pro KeySafe

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If you live in an area covered by our installation service (DY, WR, HR, SY and GL post code areas only) one of our trained installers will fit your KeySafe for you, installation is included in the price.

Supra C500 Pro KeySafe

A key safe is a metal box secured to an outside wall of your property, allowing you to conveniently store, share and organise keys.

The keys are held securely inside the box which can only be opened by entering the correct code on the keypad. This product is Police approved

The code is kept securely at our Monitoring & Response centre and will only be passed to the emergency services if necessary. This will ensure that if the occupant is unable to open the door for the emergency services, they can still get in to provide assistance without having to break the door down. We will only share Keysafe details with emergency contacts or services

  • Safely share keys with family, friends and service providers
  • Allow emergency services and care staff in without the need to answer the door
  • Back up access in case of an emergency, lost keys or getting locked out
  • Leave the key in the key safe when going for a walk or taking the dog out

Supra C500 Pro KeySafe has been independently tested to achieve the highest level of physical security ever attained by a mechanical key safe in the UK. It

It is recognised as a product designed to improve home security by ‘Secured by Design’, UK’s official Police initiative. Tested on outside walls, it has also been deemed ultra-safe by the Loss Prevention Certification Board, having attained its LPS1175 Issue 8 A5 attack standard.

C500 can be installed only into brick or concrete.

What does it do?

Safely stores spare keys to the property to ensure authorised people and emergency services can access the property, when necessary, without breaking in

How does it help?

 Enables emergency services to get help to someone in the property quickly and without delay

 Who does it help?

The service user who may be injured vulnerable or in ill health

How does it work if I need help?

Our monitoring centre receive a call from you requesting help via our alarm. Our operators pass the code to the key safe to the emergency services, so when they arrive at the property, they can promptly enter to help you as soon as possible


How Do You Operate It?

Open the key safe by pulling down on the black clear button on the keypad.  Enter the 4 or 5 digit code and turn the handle clockwise to open the key safe.  Remove the keys and access the property.  Return the keys when finished, shut the key safe and turn the handle anti-clockwise to lock it again. 

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