MyHomeHelper - Additional Information

MyHomeHelper has 6 different modes with the display automatically changing to display information on a programmable schedule.

Calendar Clock • Diary • Reminders • Photos • News • Messages

Calendar Clock

The Calendar Clock display mode is fully configurable so you can turn off and change the various optional components to meet the needs and abilities of the user.


The Diary Display helps to give context about what's happening for the current day / week. You can set up items such as appointments, carer visits, birthdays, etc. and control when they appear by date, day of week and time. Once set up they can be shown on an on-going schedule, so they only need setting up once.


Reminders can be set to show at a specific time or to appear randomly throughout the day. You can optionally choose to show an image with the reminder and play a sound to draw attention to the display.


The convenient and easy option to be able to post pictures from the website anywhere you are. Captions can be added and is a great way of keeping engagement and a source of reminiscence

News Headlines

You can select from over 40 news sources to display news headlines. If used this feature will display up to 4 news headlines over the space of a minute.

This feature is a great way of keeping in touch with what’s happening in the outside world and helps keep the display fresh and interesting.

Instant Messaging

There are several options for sending instant messages to the display: SMS messages from mobile phones, Facebook or the MyHomeHelper website. When a message is received a photo of the person who sent the message is displayed.

Video Calling

The MyHomeHelper display is integrated with VSee providing seamless auto-answer video calling, allowing you to make video calls to the display without the user having to do anything to answer it. When you end the call MyHomeHelper automatically resumes control over the display.

Other features include


Talking text When this option is enabled the user can touch anywhere on the screen and the contents of the current display will be automatically spoken out.